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Essentially it seems that my PC has picked up with the version of Google redirect virus like . It has not only affecting Firefox and it seems to be more stealthier than any other threat. Many of the times and click on search results. Only the first one get me to per clicked search, and other time it redirect me to php script on different server. . It seems that script analyze whatever I do or search and redirect me to and other shady URLs. It assumed that it registry issue , but despite it malwares and virus scanners nothing has been found. is newly created redirect virus which is too dangerous for window system. It enter in system via spam website, spam emails. This infection is very undetectable and very difficult to remove from system. use their loopholes to make system compromised and and pretemds it as really search engine. It also changes Windows desktop and redirect the search made in Google , Yahoo and Bing to Unwanted pop ups were generated in between and many messages which is very difficult to understand. Thus it is suggested to remove as soon as possible from system. is dangerous for window system which needs to be remove immediately from system. Click on download the software button to remove it completely from Window system.


Download removal tool to get rid of

Experience with – How Silently Enters Into System

It was really difficult for me to get rid of although I have tried every possible manual ways to remove it , but I failed. Consequence, I was experiencing due to presence was no more tolerable for me as it has not only degraded my system efficiency but I also come across unauthorized access of my confidential data. Those who are using Windows as their OS and are regular and frequent user of Internet must be well aware of and ill effects on system and resource. It is very important to quickly identify presence of in you system as a single negligence can result in numerous troubles while working with PC.

For those who thinks that they do not have any risk of as their system has been protected with strong anti-virus application , are do not aware of the fact that has the capability to enter into your system automatically disabling all security settings. Beside , these some of the most common way for the entrance of into system is while peer-to-peer sharing , surfing over Internet , visiting malicious site that sometimes look like legitimate one, downloading freeware application , videos or songs , opening spam emails attachments etc.

Whether your system get infected with or not can easily be identified by its evil activities and consequences on system such as slowing down of PC performance , redirection towards malevolent sites , change in registries , improper functioning of several application etc. is highly dangerous Redirect Virus that must be removed immediately just after being detected.

Malevolent Activities Noticed When Enters Your System is one of the most sophisticated Redirect Virus whose prevalence among Windows cannot be neglected. It mainly target Windows OS to perform its evil activities. It’s consequences can easily be noticed but on the other hand it is nearly difficult to remove manually. once making its way into the system start performing number of malicious activities that become even worse when it automatically start downloading other malevolent component that make system performance and functioning bad to worse. Victim of can confirm presence of in their system by the checking sign and activities performed by which has been mentioned below:

  • Sudden degradation in PC performance
  • Change in background along with files and folder settings
  • Excess use of system resource
  • Keep records of all the activities performed on-line
  • Opens backdoor for the hackers to gain complete control over system
  • Open of unexpected and number of unwanted tabs while surfing over Internet
  • Pop up errors and continues alerts that sometimes hang or freezes system
  • Redirection towards malevolent site
  • Tracking of keystrokes for hacking confidential data
  • Disables anti-virus or security application to download its supporting malicious component

Beside these also modifies system registry and setting that results in improper functioning of several application. activities promotes cyber crime and hence is high risk to security. : Threat Assessment Redirect Virus is detected as one of the highly dangerous infection that has spread itself globally and has affected many of the PC worldwide. It is one of the most dangerous tool that is developed by cyber fraudsters to cheat innocent users and make money from them. This lethal computer worm look and feel just like other legitimate computer programs and application so it very difficult to detect Redirect Virus infection in your PC. It is a severe security risk for your system and shows drastic affects on your system.

Look on these points to know how severe is infection for your system:

Geographical distribution : According to recent records Redirect Virus is categorized as one of the dangerous security threat that has affected many of the PC worldwide and has spread itself globally.

Wild Level : Redirect Virus is a highly dangerous Redirect Virus infection that when enters in your system completely mess up system files and make your system completely unstable to use. Worse than that it has ability to collect sensitive information from the system and send all these information to its controller for illegal purposes.

Infection Level : Redirect Virus is a serious system infection that is totally a curse for your PC as apart from performing malicious activities on the users system it also download other malicious threat in the users system.

System Affected : Redirect Virus is designed to affect windows operating system and it mainly affects almost all the version of windows OS including Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, windows 2003 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista

Recommended to uninstall Redirect Virus

If you are a regular computer user then there are several ways through which Redirect Virus can enter into your system. First it introduces itself in front of you as a security program to make its path to enter into your computer but as it enters, it will show its real effect. First few days it will not doing anything. This kind of infection works in the background as it enter into the system. After infecting throughout the system, it will make so many changes into the system. Redirect Virus infection only search the way to plant itself into system then after you can see the harmful effect on your system setting, registry keys and other valuable and confidential files. Despite of make direct changes into the system, it can also download so many other malicious programs that will make your system stuck. It has the capacity to disable the security program of your system.

Presence of infection will make user unable to download anything and not freely use the internet. Beside, some very dangerous Redirect Virus will claims that it is security program and provide security to your system. But it has adverse effect and show many kind of harmful changes and so many restrictions while working with the computer. So it is recommended to uninstall the Redirect Virus from the system as soon as possible with the help of removal tool.

Manual Steps For Removal

Step1: Start your window system in safe mode with networking, But during the process of restarting the PC in safe mode constantly keep on pressing F8 key and select with networking option form the list to start the system.

Step2: Now it need to remove all the proxy settings which is added by fake fake anti-Malicious Webpage tool internet connections to show the different type of errors. To perform this process first you need perform the following steps . Open internet explorer →click on Tools option – From drop down down box list select internet optios→ Internet Options dialog box will get displayed . Make click on connection tab option .

In the connection tab go to the LAN settings . If “Use a proxy server for your LAN “ is check , make tick on Uncheck option and press OK.

Step3: After that open Windows Task manager by pressing CTRL +ALT+DEL or STRL+SHIFT+ESC. If it does not work or it is impossible for you to understand then try another method. Press start button and click on the run option , in Run dialog box type taskmgr and press ok. Window task manager will restarted.

Step4: Go the Process tab within the Windows task Manager . Find the process by the name of random.exe .Scroll down from above to find the required process . After that click on the end process button. This will help to kill the process.

Step 5: Remove all such effected files and windows registry files of Malicious Webpage finally.

Automatic Removal Tool: The recommended tool to remove Redirect Virus & malware Redirect Virus is such a hazardous threat that once it infects computer system, it is quite difficult to detect and remove manually. When it enters into the system, it hides its existence and starts running as background process. Therefore you will tired of searching Redirect Virus in your system. Hence it is better to go for recommended Automatic Removal Tool. The tool is specially designed and developed to automatically detect and remove all the threats from affected PC.

The software thoroughly scans the infected computer to detect Redirect Virus and all other malwares including Trojan horse, virus, worms, keyloggers, adware etc. Once it detects the infection, it immediately deactivates all the active threats and removes them completely from the PC. Automatic Removal tool also provides protection to the PC from all the malicious attack and infections. Have a look on some key features of the software:

  • User friendly interface that makes ease of use
  • Detects and removes all the low to high risk computer threats including Redirect Virus, malware, Trojans, worms, keyloggers, adware etc
  • Ability to perform quick scanning of all the files, folders, archives, drives, network drives
  • Quick updates that lets your PC be aware and protected from all the future Redirect Virus & malware
  • Complete internet security is dangerous for window system which needs to be remove immediately from system. Click on download the software button to remove it completely from Window system.


Download removal tool to get rid of

Expert advice

These days, numerous of computer threats growing rapidly on internet. Some of them are very risky for system and even for the user personally. Experts has analyzed that Redirect Virus is high risk computer threat. When it infects into the system, it makes malicious registry entries and appends itself with system files and other Windows’ files. Due to this, the computer gets severely damaged and face lots of critical troubles like abrupt system restart, system freeze, slow PC performance, disruption in program executions and so on.

The experts says that Redirect Virus basically tries to steal users’ confidential information that includes financial details, contacts etc. It also keeps tracking users’ activities that records keyboard’s key strokes, mouse clicks and capture screen shots. It enters into PC via freeware downloads from hijacked or unsecured websites, opening spam email attachments or accessing unsecured network. Once it gets installed onto the targeted computer, it automatically starts running. All its process and malicious files are deeply hidden which is hard to find manually. If you are non-technical person then you will mess up searching Redirect Virus & malware related files and processes. Therefore, Experts strongly recommends to use Automatic Removal Tool to remove malware completely from the PC.

  • The tool automatically detects and removes all the Redirect Virus & malware from computer’s hard drive
  • It completely removes the infections that doesn’t appear again
  • User friendly interface that can be used easily
  • It also cleans the Redirect Virus infected data files

Expert advices that this is the best and convenient tool to remove Redirect Virus and all other computer infections. It is useful for all the computer technical and no-technical users to deal with any kind of computer threats.

User Guide To Remove

Step1: First user need to download the automatic removal software and after that install it in your system and run it. After that software interface will get display on your screen. After completing the installing process you must click on button to start the process of scanning.

Step 1

Step2:When scanning process will get completed it will detect all and show the list of infectious threats which exists on your system .

Step 2

Step3:In list if you get infectious threat which is difficult for you to understand , take the help. From here you will get the full information about threat and how it is dangerous for your system.

Step 3

Step4: After that system guards will appear , use it to blocks entire which runs on your PC.

Step 4

Step5:To get rid from modify of internet connection and from infectious problem you can take the help of “ ”. After that your PC will get complete protected from all infectious files exists on system.

Step 5

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